Will you be needing any hardware? Check out our solutions and the perks of ordering directly from us below! 

Integrate online ordering on your Facebook page and/or website

Want to see what it would look like? Check out this page for one of the restaurants that have partnered with us. They have three locations and their own branded app! 


Pre-programmed tablet

Tablet + Printer

  • We’ll provide you with video or written tutorials on how to set up your tablet, menu and how to start receiving orders on your device
  • Requires you to have a tablet or phone (either Android or iOS) where the ordering app can be installed
  • We’re always available to support you if there are any issues
  • Printing on thermal printers available**
  • You complete the process at your own pace
  • We will ship you a pre-programmed tablet, ready to be receiving orders
  • Tablet comes with integrated support so we can access it remotely in case of any issues
  • Android Tablet with charger (will need to be maintained on during service hours)
  • Delivered within 48 hours to get you started ASAPA
  • Printing on thermal printers available**
  • If you do not own any hardware and would like to get started with everything done, this is the option for you
  • High performance tablet with everything set up on it, including pre-installed support software so when you need our help we are one click away
  • We’re always available to support you if there are any issues
  • We will attend you premises and install everything for you  
  • Everything completed within 72 hours



Get started

Get started today

Get started today

*We will need you to provide us temporary access to your website or put us in contact with your webmaster.

**You will need to have a LAN (connection via Ethernet cable) 80mm thermal printer or a Seiko, Star or Epson 80mm BLUETOOTH printer in order to be able to set up printing. If you have this and are not able to set up the printing by following this video, we can set it up for you for £29.99. Add this to your package. We will arrange a time with you for when it’s best to visit your property.

Have multiple locations? Chat with us and get 5% off cumulative discount for each additional location.