Who are we? 

Did you know the commission restaurants pay to receive orders from third party apps is close to 18% per order? No wonder most of the local food businesses struggle to be profitable! Food Hunting is a free platform where we display local food businesses' information and menus. Do you want to steer clear of third parties that charge service fees and commission? Do you want to view the actual prices from the restaurant, not the ones specifically formulated for third party apps? By ordering from the local food business directly not only do you save money, but you also help keep local food places in business. 

Whether you're a full force meat eater, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or have any other dietary requirements, you can find all the menu information you need on Food Hunting. Do you crave a Pad Thai or could devour a thick, red masala? Use the search function on our website and find your craving fix from a local restaurant!

Are you visiting a city and are unsure what choices you have? A quick glance on Food Hunting will paint the whole picture of what's available. You can contact the restaurant directly from the page, or get direction directions to its location. Let's all do our bit to help independent food businesses survive in this changing economy. Happy food hunting!

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We understand the importance of shopping locally. Of supporting those around us, just as they support our community. That’s why our business model for restaurant which sign up to the platform is revolutionary. For more information about joining as a business, fill in this form.

If you want to get in touch about changes on our platform or advertise with us, contact our office at hello@foodhunting.co.uk.

Thank you for choosing Food Hunting! We always look to improve our services. Please leave your feedback by contacting online chat, emailing us at hello@foodhunting.co.uk, or filling in the feedback form.